Kolumbus Chihuahuas in English

My name is Katri Rantanen. I have bred Chihuahuas since 1991. I have owned Chihuahuas since 1982. I finished my Computer Science studies at the Helsinki University 2011. I made my minor studies from Genetics and Statistics.

I breed Chihuahuas in a small scale under prefix Kolumbus.

I live with my Chihuahuas in an average residential area. My grown up children support me with my hobby. I prioritise temperament, health and look in my Chihuahuas. I don’t recommend Chihuahuas to the families with small children. Our dogs live with us as a family members.

Katri Rantanen


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Chihuahua guide which I made for my own puppy byers was successful also among other Chihuahua owners. Finally at the year 2008, I published this guide as a book called ”Chihuahuan ABC”. Feedback from the book was excellent and the second printing was out 2012.

After I had been breeding Chihuahuas from different lines, worked in the genetic laboratory with scientists for years and studied genetics at the University of Helsinkin, I finally got an idea for my second Chihuahua book. I wanted to put together all that information I had learned along the years from Chihuahuas and genetics. In a way, I wrote this book for myself. When I become old and demented, I can still breed Chihuahuas. I just study important things from the Breeding Happy and Healthy Chihuahuas book!